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FS3T::SeLiA News
SeLiA update (v0.7) [14 Mar 2013, 21:48]
A few important updates have just been released!
- Assistants can add TTs
- Login screen page
- Add trainings page
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Updated: "Search" and "search results" pages [ 4 Mar 2013, 09:21]
- Search page has been updated to auto select default values on load, allowing easier searching.
- Search results page now allows to change search criteria and make new search - no need to go back and start over anymore!
mySeLiA [ 7 Feb 2013, 23:59]
mySeLiA released to public after completing the initial testing phase.
"Save & Share" [ 7 Feb 2013, 06:23]
It is now possible to save a search and get a direct link for it, so you can use it to do a favourite search again and/or share it with friends.
Imported TTs updated [ 6 Jan 2013, 05:16]
Team trainings which were imported from the excel file of the "TT exchange" topic, have now been updated with the correct manager's user and player links.
Public beta release (v0.5) [15 Dec 2012, 00:54]
After a few last modifications and additions for the Search and List features, and the addition of the About page, FS3T::SeLiA is released to public!
Search added [13 Dec 2012, 21:59]
Search functionality is now added, available for public beta testing.
FSDN approved! [ 6 Dec 2012, 17:52]
We are now officially FSDN approved and ready to go fully public!
Limited public beta release [23 Nov 2012, 18:00]
FS3T::SeLiA is now released with status: limited public beta.